Entries for the September 25,26 2021  Rocky Top  Arena. Entries close Tuesday Sept. 21st at 5PM. After that a $10 Late fee will apply.

$10 Late fee applys also to all entries on Race days. 


Payment must be made when you enter.

Once each day we will download entries and look for payment. No payment no entry. After entries close at 5pm on the 7th a $10 late fee will apply.

Office is closed. Correct entry and exact change if entering late at the race.  

Draw outs after draw is posted will forfeit office fee.

Changes must be by email only and received by 5pm friday before the race. After that changes will only be accepted by a change form.

No shows will forfeit all their fees. 


Race day schedule:

7:30 to 7:45 Open Arena 

8AM Time onlys ( Limited pay at gate)

9AM  Arena closed for tractor

9:15 AM Buckaroos 1st set

930 AM Open Class Begins

you may now run more than 1 time if you are entered in Open and either Medals, Youth or Senior. please make sure you check the box  on your entry or you will be rolling.

2nd set of Buckaroos will follow open class. 

Buckaroo Poles will follow the Senior class and Open Poles will follow Buckaroos

There are no nonmember classes this time. must be a PBHA member to run. 

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