Please enter the set on the right that you want to run in. if the set is unavailable, you need to go to another, the set will turn off when it is full. After the Draw there are no changes to the sets.

‚ÄčIf you are riding more than 1 horse it is up to you to separate the horses in different sets. 

Payment needs to be done within 24hrs after you enter. Non payments after 24hrs will be removed.

Please review the COVID rules and fill out a COVID form and present at check in. The COVID form is on the home page. 

Draw outs will lose their office fee. Futurity and Derby are not refundable. You may sell your spot.  No Shows will lose all their fees unless they have contacted either George or Mitzi by text message before the set starts. 

Please do not arrive more than an hour before your set starts. Only horse trailers will be allowed,  Personal cars will be turned around at check in. This is not a spectator sport, please limit non riders to a minimum. Spectator areas will be closed. 

Please Read before you Enter!  Entries Close Dec. 27, 2020